Friday, June 30, 2006

An Essay on Nothingness …..or is it ???

I am feeling an irresistible urge to write something . But I am pathetically short of ideas . Nothing mentionable has happened in my life off late . So I am trying to convert this nonoccurrence of event to an event itself . Whoever chances upon this post , is requested not to mind the purposelessness of the topic (or the lack of it) .

The empty mind and empty heart are finally taking their toll . I am so empty nowadays that I am having to find ways to kill time . WC matches are helpful , but not enough .
Surfing sessions also help , but still I am left with a plenty of time and so the oppressed writer within me finally gets a chance to fill up the mental vacuum . Anyway I am trying hard to remember something pleasant and finally I have found something . The girl in the consultancy which mistakenly called us (me & some other fellow strugglers ) for a call center interview ! One of us got a call from them and we reached the place after several hiccups and misdirected misadventures . But then we came to know that we were actually called for a wrong purpose ! Anyway this futile journey remained memorable for me because of that girl with the nosering in the reception . She for some moments kept me spell bound as she inquired our whereabouts . After the confusion was over we came back and as usual I did not have the guts to ask her anything else . But that nose (like that of Cleopatra’s in Asterix) and that nosering still remain vivid in my mind . so I am just trying hard to prevent myself from writing a romantic poem & tormenting the ill fated blog readers further .

Friday, June 02, 2006

I am not sure why am I doing it . Lots of questions are brewing up in my mind . Am I just aping others and joining the bandwagon by creating this blog ? Or do I really want to do it ? Whatever it is , I have finally shrugged off years of lethargy and started my own blog .Let me tell you something more about me for the sake of formality . My name is Jitaditya & I am an engineering survivor in true sense . I have finished my studies recently and currently I am wondering about the options for my future (this the good thing about not studying well , you become aware of your other options !) . The rest of me will emerge with this blog . I have never been comfortable talking about myself . “TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF” has been the toughest question I have faced in all of my interviews . So let us see what comes out from this blog .
Thank You .