Friday, June 02, 2006

I am not sure why am I doing it . Lots of questions are brewing up in my mind . Am I just aping others and joining the bandwagon by creating this blog ? Or do I really want to do it ? Whatever it is , I have finally shrugged off years of lethargy and started my own blog .Let me tell you something more about me for the sake of formality . My name is Jitaditya & I am an engineering survivor in true sense . I have finished my studies recently and currently I am wondering about the options for my future (this the good thing about not studying well , you become aware of your other options !) . The rest of me will emerge with this blog . I have never been comfortable talking about myself . “TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF” has been the toughest question I have faced in all of my interviews . So let us see what comes out from this blog .
Thank You .

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anubhav said...

hello nice to see you here..i have also been dormant when it comes to blogging in past few months..hope get active as soon as possible.