Friday, January 19, 2007

Doom 2???

I normally never watch Yashraj movies . But that day I had nothing better to do & favourable reviews everywhere gave me faint hope that it might be an exception . So I stepped into the multiplex with a bit of hope & a lot of skepticism . And unfortunately my worst fears came true !!!
The movie starts well with slick stunts like so many we’ve seen in the past . The starting sequence in Africa is decent if not great . But like all other “Bollywood trying to ape MI2” movies , it also loses steam after half an hour . The film revolves around the international thief played by Hrithik & the cops after him i.e Abhishek & Uday as expected . The good looking thief is entertains us with innovative & hi-tech exploits & repeatedly fools the cops (though a sense of déjà vu is bound to occur) . He meets one small time (but suave & stunning) thief i.e Ash & takes her with him too . On the other hand there is Bips as the sexy lady cop who joins the original Dhoom duo . The trendy & funky thief finally runs away to Brazil for his next mission along with Ash . The cops follow & finally gets him . There is a little bit of twist here in the story which I don’t want to reveal for the sake of those who are planning to watch it . Anyway the film ends in a positive note for the baddie unlike D1 . Uday also gets his girl finally in Bips (not the cop but her twin!!!) .
The worst aspect of this movie is the wafer thin storyline . It is so predictable that towards the end it becomes extremely boring . The climax is unforgivably lame . Though there is a twist at the end , it is not believable . The problem with such movies is that they start firing in all cylinders at the beginning like their Hollywood counterparts but then give to mushy romance , boring song & dance sequences & pedestrian comedy to appease popular sentiments (But there is no denying the fact that it sells …specially in India!!) .
Sanjay Gadvi’s direction is average . Pritam’s Music is lackluster (no Tata young this time!!) . Cinematography , visual effects & other technical aspects are decent for such kind of a movie . Coming to performances , I don’t really want to bash anyone , they have done a decent job . It’s the plot that lets them down . Uday Chopra’s comedy & Aishwarya’s “Hinglish” sometimes become irritating though . Hrithk looks great as usual & I think it has helped the movie to get a lot of female audience .
So , at the end , I would like to say that go for it if you liked earlier films like Dhoom & Dus . It falls in the same category . High style quotient , less substance & if you think it is a hardcore action movie , you’ll be disappointed again !! Action sequences are good , but not adequate enough !! Even original Dhoom had more action to satisfy real action buffs .

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