Thursday, April 05, 2007

300:of decapitated bodies & flying blood drops.....

This is yet another sadistically satisfying movie to be released in recent times ! It was my 2nd gore fest in two weeks after Apocalypto . The movie , as everyone knows , is based upon the granddaddy of gore , Frank Millers graphic novel . So I was waiting to watch this one from the day I first learned about it .

Coming to the plot , it is basically about the battle of Thermopylae , where a handful of Spartans led by King Leonidas bravely fought & died against a massive Persian army . Anyone whoever is interested in history will know about this war & also other Greeko-Persian conflicts . So the plot is actually simple . The USP is not in the plot , but in the execution . It retains the comic book feel , but yet pleases your eyes . The aesthetically flying drops of blood & the human organs satisfy all the sadist movie buffs . Cinematography & visual effects are brilliant throughout the movie . The lead characters have come up with some great performances . Gerard Butler looks & acts like a real Spartan . But I was more impressed by Lena Headey who makes her presence felt in a male dominant war movie . The crowd roars in appreciation when she kills the traitor to take her revenge . Zack Snyder has ably directed the movie with blending the best aspects of all other movies of such genre .

Having said all these , the flip side of the film is the partial treatment of the story .

  • Only Spartans are shown as real heroes & other Greeks as cowards

  • Xerxes looks like an eunuch , which is not acceptable at all

  • The Persians are shown as blood thirsty monsters with grotesque faces

    • while the truth is that everyone did the same thing in those times , Greeks did it to Troy & were going to do the same to Persia after a century under Alexander

So the film is having it's share of controversies . But anyway it is a well made period action movie & is based on a fictitious graphic novel rather than real history books . So if you can keep your history lessons aside for a couple hours & can enjoy the gore , it is worth a try .


Kátia said...


It was very nice.I liked the way you wrote this...I didnt see the film yet but I want because of the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.He is very good actor here in Brazil and it is very nice to know he is in that film and LOST as well.

grey-orgasms said...

No I have not read your review, for I plan to watch the movie this weekend and I fear any disclosures that might spoil the charm. But I read your Apocalypto Review..
I know in no way does it sound like a compliment, but me being one of those out-n-out impatient readers, reading through a piece till the end - means it was gripping!
Your diction was a good dose of gunpowder! Keep it up boy!
Satadru's friend are you? Suratkal strikes a familiar chord..