Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nothing as such.....

Well, this one is again one of those purposeless pieces resulting out of my loneliness, boredom and overall hopelessness. As my brief sojourn at home is nearly coming to an end, I again find myself in that vicious trough which recurs more often than the crest!

So what did I do during the holidays? As always, it got over before I figured out how to make the most of it. A few movies (duck soup, to catch a thief, modern times, Dr Strangelove, the kingdom, once, singing in the rain), some directionless wandering through the congested footpaths, a meeting with the b’day pal, some cricket watching….& it was all over!

Anyway, looking back to it, I had some leisurely and un-MBA like time after a long gap. It did not happen during the last holidays. As I stayed back in the campus after the exam due to the shortness of the long awaited break, the spectres of capitalism kept haunting me (hopefully spectre of Marx won’t haunt me down because of this tasteless plagiarism and lampooning!).

Having spent most of my life cutting corners, last few months have been gruelling. But of course it has made me tougher (and heavier for some strange reasons!). So re-entering the brick labyrinth is raising mixed feelings in me. Anyway let’s hope that this new round of slogging will be easier considering the past experiences, and also let’s hope that I will be able the post the next one very soon unlike the previous ones.

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